We are very proud to announce that we have now received our official ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9001:2008 accreditations.

A big thank you to James Gibb at Advanced Certification for coming to see us in Leeds and for presenting us with our ISO certificates. 

James had some hugely encouraging things to say about our Isoma system and the way we run things here at E Squared. In particular, he praised us on our operations saying that our “Isoma system presents all of the data in a structured and clear way which enables fast, efficient and effective auditing." This is something that we see as an enormous advantage for any organisation to sail through an auditing process and is why we use Isoma’s Auditor module ourselves.

Our Isoma Auditor module reduces the costs and risks of internal, customer, regulatory or certifying body audits. By securely digitising the transmission of vital process information, Auditor reduces cost by up to 60% and prevents incorrect, inappropriate or out of date data being mistakenly supplied.

Auditor utilises our IsomEx encrypted hosting environment to enable a secure, one-way transfer of the selected processes within their hierarchical structure, including their full version history, the underlying activity boxes, plus their hints, linked resources, constraints, documents, data and workflows.

If you would like to see what James was so impressed by then please visit our website and have a look at Isoma yourself.