At E Squared we recently decided to update all of our branding. 

We now have a brand new website, social media pages and places for discussion about all things related to Change Management, Business Transformation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Operational Excellence, Process Mapping and Management, Knowledge and Information Management Regulatory Compliance and much more. 

Feel free to follow us on our company LinkedIn page for more regular updates.

We also now have a LinkedIn page dedicated to AS9100 and Aerospace updates. Here we will post any news, updates and useful information regarding the upcoming changes to the AS9100 regulations. Please visit our page and follow us for more regular updates. 

Also feel free to follow us on twitter @EsquaredUK for all updates and news about everything we talk about.

If you would like to have a look at our website now then please do, but we will be posting more regular and in-depth updates about what we have changed in our branding and why it matters for you.

E Squared Group website: