The clarification of an organisation's knowledge, information and processes is the second stage of our Kinetic Code. 

It occurs after an organisation has captured it's information in the Capture phase. The Clarification phase is where that captured information is understood, paving the way for continual improvement and operational optimisation. 

Businesses are complex but understanding them shouldn’t be. We make understanding easy for anyone by clarifying the previously captured information. Once an organisation, and the people within it clearly understand their own processes and purpose, insight and opportunity for optimisation will follow. 

Specifically, we clarify an organisation’s value using an in-depth understanding of their value chain. We then structure the organisation around this understanding to make sure every action adds to the organisation’s value.

The clarification of knowledge happens on both a macro and a micro scale right down to people’s individual value to their own process. This clarification often provides a eureka-moment that energises people and invigorates their inputs. 

We also make it quick and easy for people to find any relevant information they may need to perform their tasks more effectively by providing simple links to documents or other information attached to their processes.

It is all too common that people actually don’t understand what their organisation does or how their input makes a difference. The Clarification stage often provides people with a “wow!” moment when they finally understand the organisation and their role within it for the first time.

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