Every organisation has a unique culture: a way of working which is understood, accepted and practiced by everyone in it. When two organisations are merged, one of them has to concede its culture to the other or an entirely new joint culture has to be created. When an organisation is acquired, the acquiring organisation’s culture normally prevails.

To be successful, such transformation requires every employee to adapt to new processes and to embrace the change. Failure to do so can seriously impact profits. Competitors know this and will often target a merged or acquired organisation, attacking its weaknesses during this vulnerable period. Thus, it is vital that the change is effected quickly.

Isoma accelerates positive change: reducing the merged or acquired organisation’s vulnerability whilst protecting its profits. Isoma also reduces the cost of the change: enabling critical processes to be instantly transferred from the parent organisation to the new entity. 

Isoma is a fully functioning business management system that is ready and working in the new entity from day one.

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