The introduction of AS9100 Revision D to the aerospace industry in November 2016 presents a significant challenge for every employee in every aerospace business across the globe. Whilst the burden of the transition from Revision C will fall on quality managers, who are being asked to drive radical change like never before, ownership will now fall to the Board, who for the first time will need to have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements.

No longer will it be sufficient for such companies to innovate in products and services alone:AS9100 Revision D is demanding evolutionary change to underlying business practices.

Having been involved with AS9100 Revision D since the times of Revision B and with over 6000 aerospace employees already using Isoma to manage compliance, we at E Squared have built a wealth of knowledge and resources to aid aerospace managers in the transition: as we did when Revision C was introduced. The key is having a strong direction from the outset. Change begins with people so a successful transition requires a successful change in organisational culture. We help with by providing plans, tools, techniques and systems to make Standards change easier, quicker and more effective.

We are now running a set of webinars starting on October 24th to help companies with the transition from Rev C to Rev D. Please sign up if you would like to come.

Alternatively please feel free to contact us and we will call you back to answer your queries.