Dear Messrs Speth (Jaguar Landrover), Zetche (Mercedes Benz), Stadler (Audi) and Kruger (BMW)

Now that your counterpart Mr Field has announced Ford's intention to start mass-producing autonomous vehicles for the taxi market, could I please offer my twopenneth in relation to your own market - us down-trodden execs? 

Personally I'm really looking forward to you guys producing my new mobile office. The one that drives itself.  So I thought as a potential customer, I might put in my specification now.

Since we won't need to worry about drinking and driving, could it come with a decent bar please?  A bottle or two of Bollie would do for me, along with the odd Macallan and of course a fridge-freezer for the ice.  Maybe too, since we might be driving further, the odd snack a la Heston would do no harm.  Just hold back on the dry ice effects.

I'm also old enough to remember the good old days of secretaries.  Could we have one with each new car please?  All this self-typing is so dull.  

And finally, may I turn to the decor.  Mr Field may be a dedicated fan of black but I was thinking of something a little more comprehensive and contemporary.  Since we won't need to see the road anymore some decent curtains wouldn't go a miss, neither would a full-curve, Sky-enabled, 52" OLED. Then we could watch the game between meetings.

How about it guys?  Can you make it happen?

Yours in eager anticipation