There are so many aspects about digital life in Britain that is lacking and annoying. Every government computer system is disjointed and when they do try and create a unified system it goes way over budget and is axed. Each system requires numerous usernames, passwords, key fobs, special codes and random questions. 

None of this information provides us with clarity about our life or taxes. 

Life shouldn't have to be as complex as this!  Estonia are certainly on the way to proving it could be easier.  In Estonia it takes an average of 5 minutes to complete a tax return, because all systems are linked. I spend longer than that calculating the interest on the various savings accounts over the past year. I probably spend longer finding the website and logging in to complete my tax return.

The best part of this article is that Estonia is working to link to other governments. This would allow a UK citizen to run their UK companies through the Estonian system even if all sales were in the UK. The Estonian system would automatically calculate all UK tax and transfer it.  

This then starts to breakdown the definition of a country. "Just as you might switch your bank to one with a better mobile app, the Estonians hope you'll switch your business to a country with an infrastructure that is easier to use."