The planning stage of any change phase is key to its success. Operational optimization systems can make this planning much smoother. However, it is just as important to plan for a software installment in order to be able to take advantage of its benefits completely. Therefore this week’s topic will focus around how to plan for the introduction of management systems into a business with the greatest success and ease.

The benefits of optimization systems are perhaps more obvious to the senior management team than other members of a company. By having one overall process mapping system, higher-ranking managers can easily clarify and improve upon the organizations value stream. This is usually the main selling point for our clients. Money can also be saved during the data migration phase if an organization has pre-existing systems because all the data already exists; it just needs to be organized properly on one system. This stage is crucial as if the data is mapped poorly then the data value is decreased.

Employees can see the introduction of new software slightly less positively. The change process can be stressful and difficult for everyone and so, often, the installation of a new management system can just add to the list of changing factors, and therefore these systems are understandably met with resistance. The way that these systems are introduced to employees is therefore a key moment in ensuring its success.

In house PR teams are key to generating an enthusiasm for the software before it is introduced. Firstly, employees will want to know why this new system benefits them. Simply put, it makes their job easier. After the process mapping stage is completed, employees will be able to access one central system for any document or information they need. A search function makes finding any document quick and easy.

Different employee demographics will want different support with the system and expect different things out of it. Older staff tend to have more difficulty moving away from company systems that they are used to. Younger employees are perhaps more used to modern technology and therefore find the introduction of new software easier. Optimization systems can be customized for a company to accommodate for all demographics in order to make every employees job easier. These systems also actively dissolve silos within a company structure by encouraging all departments to work off the same system. Often this breaks down department barriers by encouraging departmental cooperation.

There are benefits for operational optimization systems for everyone within an organization. However the introduction of these systems is an important stepping stone to cross with enthusiasm if the software is to be used to its full potential after its instillation.