Just a quick message to introduce myself and give you a little more detail on the next six months.

Firstly, I’m Alex. I’ll be heading our marketing campaign here at E Squared Group. This means, starting Monday (8th), I will be posting weekly blogs about the benefits and ins and outs of operational optimization systems (OOS). These weekly blogs will eventually culminate in our biannual white paper, which will be free and available to all our readers.

The point of this white paper is to provide a five-step plan for how we implement our own OOS – Isoma. This plan forms the spine of our white paper and will be mirrored in our monthly blog topics. Our readers will be able to see the ins and outs of how these systems work, analyze their benefits, and gain an in-depth understanding of why we believe OOSs are so invaluable. We will also be including other useful material on change management to encourage our readers to gain a full understanding of the topic.

The structure of the white paper will be as follows: The first month will consist of four weekly blogs about planning and budgeting during the change phase. The second month’s blogs will be about the capture and clarification of information in order to clarify what a business does, why, and how. Third is control and consistency – how to use OOSs to guarantee employees carry out their roles more effectively. The penultimate topic is about the continual improvement of the business. The final monthly topic will revolve around a business’s compliance with informal and formal, internal and external auditing requirements.

It is our hope that with these monthly topics we can provide our readers with informative and useful weekly blogs on the benefits of operational optimization systems. The blogs will be short, easy to read, and hopefully very useful. They will be posted, as David mentioned, to Passle, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Pulse, and Twitter. Once we have covered all five topics, we will spend time collating all of our resources and material and provide it all within our white paper.

Hopefully this provides an insight into what’s to come, and we look forward to getting started on Monday.