With 2016 already well under way, many organisations are launching exciting new initiatives and we are no different.

Starting on February 8th, we will be launching our weekly white paper blogs. Their purpose is to provide opinion on certain aspects of change management, focusing on a specific topic over a 6-month period.   In the first series we will be investigating the use of operational optimization systems to improve the effectiveness of the change process.

Each week our new Marketing Executive, Alex Key will source the best articles from all the leading commentators and precis these in the blogs. They will then be summarised in our biannual white paper. 

Alex will be posting the blogs on multiple social media platforms, including Passle, LinkedIn, Twitter and LinkedIn Pulse.   Any suggestions for other platforms are most welcome: we want to maximise our reach and make it as easy as possible for the work to be read.

We look forward to getting under way next week.