Judging by the news headlines it's been a gloomy start to the New Year.  Commodity prices, especially oil, are falling to incredible lows, stocks are following the trend and the BRICS countries are no longer the powerhouse that the markets expected them to be.  To cap it all its raining cats and dogs in England and dry as a bone in California.  So woe is us: time to don the tin helmets and fill the larder for hard times ahead.  Or is it?

To paraphrase a well-known idiom: "change happens" and change is what this is all about.  Sure, it may be major change and change we may not have expected but it is just change nonetheless: probably no worse than some of the other changes which hit businesses on a regular basis.  I'm thinking, for example of new competitors entering our markets, hostile bids being made for our businesses and the multiple hiccoughs which arise from the introduction of new systems as we constantly strive to get ahead of the pack.  That too is major change.

The fact is that change is always difficult no matter from where or how it arises and we human's don't like it.  Change flies in the face of our natural state of stasis and our response to it differentiates the strong from the weak; the successful from the unsuccessful; the achievers from the non-achievers.

So as we each enter 2016 with economic flack flying all around our heads, may be its time to ask ourselves what we really want to achieve and thus how we are going to deal with it.  Are we, like wartime Rosie the Riveter in the image, going to get on and "just do it" or are we going to fall at the first hurdle.  Time to sort the wheat from the chaff methinks.