McKinsey& Co have consistently been at the forefront of corporate management andconsultancy for decades; and after recently discovering their onlinepublications, it is easy to see why. 

We have believed for a long time that operational optimizationsystems are the key to business improvement. This belief has driven our ownproduct development of the Isoma system. McKinsey in particular highlightthe importance of process mapping during M&A.

Change- whether that be through merger, acquisition, growth, or downsizing  -can lead to process confusion, and will impede a company’s ability to performeffectively. Operational optimization systems allow businesses to manage this.

Bypresenting the relevant process data straight to the user, these systemsaccelerate the change process - effectively laying out business processes forinspection and optimization - and make it much, much easier. This is why they are rapidly becoming the key tool in understanding,optimizing, and developing a business during the standardization phase. 

So in this instance we agree with McKinsey - change doesn't have to be this difficult.