The new ISO:2015 regime and its corresponding AS9100 Revision D in aerospace means Quality Managers are being asked to drive and implement change like never before. No longer is it sufficient for qualifying businesses to innovate in products and services alone, these new regimes are demanding evolutionary change in underlying business practises. 

Timescales are tight and not everyone in the business will welcome these changes, so managing it will not be easy. To be ready for the preliminary audits, whether for ISO:2015 or AS9100 Rev D, businesses have to act now. 

Whilst there are many technical differences between AS9100 Rev C and Rev D, these pale in comparison to the cultural impact.  Rev D encourages the entire organisation to think in new terms: to consider how it delivers value to its customers, not just how its functions operate.  

So whilst the required technical change may be visualised through a value chain instead of a Turtle diagram, the requirements on staff and their management will be much greater. 

Staff engagement will be fundamental to the successful implementation of Rev D. As silos vanish, their replacement will be much more complex, difficult, and lengthy, and will contain an holistic approach to value management.  Staff will not only have to understand their own value, but also how their work contributes to the organisation as a whole.  That means working together as a coherent team.  For many organisations that will be new and not necessarily welcomed with open arms.

As this topic is so important to us, we will soon be publishing a white paper on the upcoming AS9100 Rev D regulations. This will be available on our website. 

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