In some aerospace organisations it must be very strange being a Quality Manager right now. Some degree of schizophrenic ambivalence must be a job requirement: at least in order to stay sane. How else could any normal person be expected to be responsible for a management system that is...

  • There to uphold quality— but commonly ignored by everyone other than the Quality team.
  • Often referred to as a business management system but seen to be inferior or subsidiary to the ‘real’ IT systems which drive operations.
  • Expected to run with minimal budget, minimal resources and little senior management oversight?

As Paul Graaf states: “some top management may find this a difficult step to take”. They surely will, and everyone involved in Rev D’s roll out must be ready to address the inevitable management reaction as entire organisations grapple with the changes. 

But Rev D will not only to help struggling Quality Managers to maintain their sanity. It also holds the tantalising prospect of being the unifying, universal improvement mechanism for all aerospace organisations.

The management system is no longer just the domain of the quality manager. The requirement is to ensure that the QMS integrates with the business processes, thereby automatically demanding the involvement of all the process owners. Some top management may find this a difficult step to take, and cite confidentiality as a reason not to. However, top management engagement and transparency leads to better business. In many organisations, this in itself would demonstrate top management leadership, drive internal stakeholder engagement and promote employee motivation towards the stated goals and strategic objectives.

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