As mentioned previously, a large chunk of feedback from our webinars indicated that Quality Managers feel conversations between them and the Board sometimes seem like an alien dialogue, and they are looking for advice on how to approach and engage the Board behind AS9100.

In response to this demand, our new White Paper gives quality advice on how to approach the Board to ensure no one misses this narrow Rev D window. Download it for free here.

31 companies from our webinars said they were not confident in completing the transition to Rev D by Sept 2018

Learning the language

‘Engaging the Board with AS9100 Revision D’ alerts the Board and the Quality team to the huge possibilities that Rev D creates for improvement, whilst also smoothing the way for each to cross the bridge to meet the other. It addresses an issue which is clearly of concern to aerospace Quality managers: i.e. how to engage their boards of directors in any meaningful discussion about quality.

This paper puts forward a compelling case for the Board’s involvement and willing engagement; enabling the senior Quality team to approach their board, demonstrate the opportunities that Rev D offers and enhance their position. By learning to talk the same language as the Board, engagement can be swift and easy.

41 companies said their employees would resist the change to Rev D

Further Resources

As well as this White Paper we also have many other resources to help with the transition to Rev D. These include all of our webinar recordings, other white papers on AS9100 and other ISO standards, demonstrations of our Isoma software, and much more. For complete access to these resources, simply sign up to our free Resources page.

68 companies said their main concern was planning and budgeting for Rev D