At E-Squared we believe change begins with people, which is why we created Isoma: the total business transformation system that unlocks business potential and engages people in enterprise-wide positive change.

Isoma is unique. It serves as the single point of focus for the entire organisation and facilitates progressive business transformation from standards management to operational excellence.

Currently, there is an evolution in the way we view management system standards. Now is the age of value management where we must find better ways for our people to continually improve their operations and do so in faster ways than ever before. Isoma does this by demonstrating every person’s contribution to the organisation’s overall value through the High Level Structure and the Value Chain.

We are currently heavily involved in helping organisations such as Meggitt PLC and L-3 Communications with the changes to the AS9100 management standard in the aerospace industry. It serves as a prime example of the evolution of management system standards. One of the major changes to the AS9100-series is that it brings quality management and continual improvement into the heart of an organization, where it is essential that organisations engage their staff in understanding and continuously improving the value they create. A system is needed to facilitate this change and make it stick. Isoma is that system.

If you would like to see how Isoma works then please visit our resources page here or contact us directly to arrange a demonstration.