The popularity in our resources page has generated a lot of interest from mid-sized organisations in our mid-ranged product: Isoma Change Manager (Isoma CM).

This month we have 29 new organisations using Isoma CM to accelerate change and transform their business. 

So, what’s the big deal?

How Isoma CM makes change simple 

Isoma CM is our mid-range product for mid-sized organisations. It contains all the functionality a typical mid-sized organisation needs to engage and energise its workforce in change.

Isoma CM creates a single point of focus for the whole organisation. It transforms an organisation’s effectiveness, is intuitive to operate, quickly learned and easily rolled out.

CM contains an integral change management system that enables exemplar creation, distribution and adoption of new processes and ideas with ease, accuracy and speed. CM can therefore dramatically reduce the cost and improve the quality of an organisation’s operations.

The interactive functionality within Isoma CM is aimed at the general workforce. CM requires no technical skills or specialist process knowledge for them to engage with it. It is clear, simple, concise and powerful.

CM aligns people with processes at times of major change. It fosters, accelerates and supports a culture of excellence. 

If your mid-sized organisation is going through a period of change -whether that be the implementation of a new management standard, or a merger with another organisation – CM is the single business transformation system that will unify all your other systems and make change simple and beneficial.

Who has it helped?  

Isoma CM has helped some of the most influential organisations accelerate and transform their efficiency and agility. 


Quadpack Group is a specialist manufacturer and developer of standard and bespoke packaging solutions for the beauty industry that operate in 10 countries around the world. Established in 2003, they have grown from a small company into a global, independent packaging group, servicing the leading prestige, masstige and mass market brands.