At E Squared we have helped some of the largest enterprises around the world. One of our most successful clients is an enterprise-wide aerospace company based over 27 locations and 5 different countries.

When we first met, they had created their own in-house solution to deal with multiple standards over their organisation but it was failing to deal with the planned changes to the AS9100 standard.

One issue that they were facing is that the new requirements focused on the importance of the high-level structure and the value chain but their system could not analyse either requirement. This placed an enormous amount of stress on their custom system to function in a way that it was not designed for. 

As a result, the organisation was looking to make major changes to their system and face missing the Rev D September 2018 deadline.

This organisation has now replaced their custom system with Isoma Business Manager. They can now use Isoma to analyse their value chain and high-level structure, something that is vital to the new value driven approach to AS9100 Rev D.

Isoma BM is our most advanced product. It contains all the functionality a large enterprise needs to transform all or part of its operations, create global efficiency and build a dominant competitive advantage. Isoma BM’s main advantage is that it is easy to use. Its power lies in its ability to engage the whole organisation in unified change. 

It generates rapid, enterprise-wide efficiency with an integral change management system that enables exemplar creation, distribution and adoption of new processes and ideas.

Isoma BM can dramatically reduce the cost and improve the quality of an organisation’s operations. It creates a single point of focus for the whole enterprise to facilitate enterprise-wide improvement. It transforms enterprise effectiveness, is intuitive to operate, quickly learned and easily rolled out.

Isoma BM simplifies enterprise-wide knowledge capture and value improvement. It rapidly clarifies operational processes and reveals bottlenecks that cause a lack of productivity and efficiency. 

Isoma BM aligns people with processes at times of major change. It fosters, accelerates and supports a global culture of excellence with its fully interactive and personalized user interface.