24 of our clients now use Isoma Auditor to manage all of their management standards using one BMS - cutting costs, time and risk of failing an audit.

Isoma Auditor: Accelerate Audits and Cut Costs by 60%

Our Auditor module reduces the costs and risks of internal, customer, regulatory or certifying body audits.

By securely digitizing the transmission of vital process information, Auditor reduces cost by up to 60% and prevents incorrect, inappropriate or out of date data being mistakenly supplied.

Auditor utilities our IsomEx encrypted hosting environment to enable a secure, one-way transfer of the selected processes within their hierarchical structure, including their full version history, the underlying activity boxes, plus their hints, linked resources, constraints, documents, data and workflows.

Isoma Auditor is completely scalable. It has everything that an organisation from small to enterprise level would need to fly through their audits with ease.