Another one of our Isoma modules is becoming increasingly popular at the moment.

Isoma Analytics is now used by 17 of our clients around the world to improve enterprise wide efficiency and effectiveness across the board.

Isoma Analytics: 30% cost efficiency savings

The Analytics module provides a comprehensive set of quantitative tools for analyzing and improving process efficiency and effectiveness. It allows an organisation to model and test highly detailed process scenarios on utilization, cost, probabilities and cycle times.

Analytics’ main applications are for operational excellence, continuous improvement and risk management.

Who has it helped?

Some of our clients have exceeded savings of over 30% using the scenario modelling in Isoma Analytics

One of our clients increased their profitability by £6 M from 2015 to 2016 purely based on cutting out process and quality inconsistencies. This organisation is now looking to move forward and use Analytics for operational optimization. They are projected to add to their 2015-2016 profitability by another £4 to 5 M by the end of 2018.