Our Isoma Supplier module is now being used by 32 organisations around the world to optimize their supply chain. It is ideal for any organisation/enterprise to minimize supply risk and maximise efficiency. 

Isoma Supplier: Supercharge your supply chain Our Supplier module reduces the cost of supply by improving the effectiveness of supplier processes: ensuring that the root cause of poor supply is addressed. It can be used with any number of suppliers, ensuring that an organisation’s supply chain is always optimized and supply risk is minimized. Supplier incorporates a limited licence of Isoma Analytics within our IsomEx encrypted hosting environment: enabling a secure, two-way transfer of process information between an organisation and its supplier. 

The Document and Data Link System (DDLS) The DDLS allows relevant documents and data to be linked and shared amongst the supply chain. This allows entities of the supply chain to work off the same process/standard/timescale to minimize risk. 

The real differentiation for Isoma Supplier  is its transformation from a Process Management System to a genuine integrated Business Management System for a supply chain - hugely increasing its operational impact and effectiveness in the process.

The DDLS brings all relevant information together at the activity level, ensuring critical documents are linked to and are directly accessible from activities. 

Isoma Supplier acts as a single point of focus for the entire supply chain. It controls information access, increases the efficiency of information sourcing and improves the day-to-day effectiveness of suppliers.