Isoma Enterprise: Energise your enterprise

The Enterprise module is our most powerful module. By enabling the secure sharing of common process data across multiple business units within a Group company and between merged or acquired companies, Enterprise generates enormous efficiency savings and massively accelerates any organisational transformation.

It utilises our IsomEx encrypted hosting environment to enable a secure, multi-way transfer of selected processes, their full version history and data links within their operational structure.


In the creation of Group-wide management systems, Enterprise enables an exemplar business management system to be created and rapidly replicated across the entire enterprise.In acquisitions, it enables the best of the old processes to be seamlessly transferred to the new Business Management System, so that operations in the new entity is able to start immediately.

During mergers, it enables the common or most operationally critical processes to be identified in both parties and quickly merged into a new Business Management System which combines the best of both organisations.

Case Study

One of our global clients recently bought out 2 of its competitors. After discussions with both new organisations about why they should use Isoma Enterprise they realised it would be beneficial for them to use the same software throughout all 3 sites.The two new organisations have around 635 and 375 users on each new site, with just over 1000 on the parent site.

By installing Isoma Enterprise across the board, all 3 sites are now able to work together harmoniously - saving costs, time, and reducing the risk of a slow and painful culture merge.

Isoma accelerates positive change: reducing the merged or acquired organisation’s vulnerability whilst protecting its profits. 

Isoma also reduces the cost of the change: enabling critical processes to be instantly transferred from the parent organisation to the new entity. 

Isoma is a fully functioning business management system that is ready and working in the new entity from day one.