Following on from our last communication that introduced our Kinetic Code, we can now go into more depth about the first of our Catalysts – the Capture phase.

What is the Capture Phase?

The Capture phase is the first step that an organisation must make with Isoma. It is the beginning of your organisation’s journey out of a potential state and into a kinetic state of continuous improvement.During the Capture phase, Isoma captures all of your business’ operations, from documented processes to knowledge inside people’s heads — displaying previously hidden information for everyone to see.

Why is it important?

Knowledge is crucial to competitive advantage. Slow to build, but terrifyingly easy to lose in endless documents or in the minds of those who understand it — who may one day walk away from your business. Isoma prevents this from happening by bringing people’s knowledge out of the dark and displaying it for all to see.

The key points of the Capture phase of the Kinetic Code are:

  • Capture all company operations; from micro to macro
  • Capture explicit knowledge from documentation
  • Easily capture tacit knowledge held in people’s minds
  • Translate processes from current systems
  • Re-use and re-purpose captured information
  • Scale captured data across the enterprise