Kinetic Code – Clarification 

Now that we have outlined how your organisation’s operations, processes and knowledge can be captured during the Capture phase of the Kinetic Code we can now move on to describe how our second phase clarifies this information.

Catalyst 2: Clarification - The complex made simple

What is the Clarification Phase?

The Clarification phase takes all the information that has been captured about your organisation and clarifies it to show not only how the company generates value, but also allows individuals to fully understand their contribution to that value.

Isoma clarifies an organisation’s value by taking captured information and creating an in-depth understanding of a business’s value chain, allowing the organisation to make sure every action adds to value.

Why is it important?

With this newly clarified understanding of how every person contributes to the value of the organisation, ideas of operational improvement will now begin to grow.

By showing people how important they are to the organisation it can act as an empowerment to spur more enthusiasm.

Generally, this is where we begin to see a change in attitude as, if done correctly, everyone will begin to think of ways that their role can be improved.

The Key points of the Clarification Phase

  • Businesses are complex but understanding them shouldn’t be
  • Clarify company value
  • Understand individual value
  • Clarify complex operations and documentation
  • Clarify individual and departmental interactions
  • Understand cause and effect within the business
  • Make optimisation opportunities clear