Kinetic Code – Culture

So now that your organisation has captured its operations and clarified its value chain it is important to have every employee singing off the same hymn sheet in order to make this potential operational improvement stick.

To do this the Culture Phase of the Kinetic Code  is vital.

What is the Culture Phase?

The Culture Phase of the Kinetic Code is where Isoma will help your organisation create a cohesive culture change – something vital to continual improvement and operational excellence.

The Capture and Clarification phases have created a clear understanding of how value is created in the organisation. People are now clear about their role and how it contributes to the company value.

With this understanding, ideas of operational improvement will now begin to grow. Isoma acts a single point of focus for every employee to submit their ideas for improvement, have them heard and then implemented into operations. Isoma allows everyone in the organisation to create a culture where improvement is at the forefront of people’s minds, thus allowing a company to move forward together with a revitalized culture of change.

Why is it important?

Change begins with people, yet all too often this has been forgotten as wave after wave of business automation initiatives have disenfranchised entire workforces and led to disappointing results. This is why we engage the workforce in order to design and create a new cultural direction for the company, creating the foundation for energized growth and improvement.

Key points of the Culture Phase

  • Articulate the organisation’s goals and human resource impact
  • Define the cultural targets and assess the current culture
  • Create a programme to align the desired culture and organisational goals
  • Energise the workforce using Isoma to deliver the alignment program
  • Develop and embed new behaviors to create the foundation for growth