As mentioned previously we are delighted to be sponsoring the CQI’s Quality Professional of the Year award in November 2017.

The award aims to recognise the quality professional who has contributed most to their organisation.

The awards will also help the wider public understand the critical role that quality professionals play in enabling their organisations to be efficient and effective.

Why apply

  • You are showing quality leadership within your organisation
  • You are telling your story for the benefit of other quality professionals
  • You are helping industry in general to gain a better understanding of the contribution that quality professionals/leaders make to organisations
  • If you are a finalist, you will get personal written feedback from the panel of judges
  • If you win a category, you will be featured in Quality World magazine and will receive a trophy at the awards celebration in London November 2017.

Who can apply

You do not have to be a member of the CQI to apply for this award. You can nominate yourself if you feel it is applicable. As well as completing an application for yourself, consider whether you can support an entry from someone you coach, your boss, someone in your team or even the whole of your quality team.

How to apply

Use the link below to apply for Quality Professional of the Year or any other awards available.

The deadline for application ends on the 31st July 2017.

Apply Here